How you can help

If you feel like backing the Friends of Lorenzo Fellowship you can:

  • Become a full member or friend of the Fellowship;
  • Offer to organize meetings, seminars or conferences;
  • Invite us to scheduled talks to students in schools, colleges, universities;
  • Actively support the currently on-going projects;
  • Become a volunteer for activity in Pakistan (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, etc.) or get involved in Italy for organization and planning purposes.

The annual membership fee for the Friends of Lorenzo Fellowship is presently € 25. Membership fees and donations should be paid by bank transfer, stating the reason for the payment, to the following bank account:

Banca Popolare di Lecco (Deutsche Bank)
IBAN: IT32 F031 0422 9010 0000 0047 000
Swift Code: DEUTITMM001