Lorenzo Mazzoleni Dispensary

There was no medical consulting room in Askóle before the Friends of Lorenzo Fellowship set up there, even though the population was in great need of medical assistance and health education owing to a series of endemic diseases caused by poor sanitation and unhealthy habits.

In order to respond effectively to the requirements of the local people for medical assistance, that was particularly affected by infectious diseases, respiratory problems and gastro-enteritis, the Fellowship built the Lorenzo Mazzoleni Dispensary in 2001. Today this is the main health care centre in the area and provides medical services to approximatelty two thousand people.

The Lorenzo Mazzoleni Dispensary is a stone-walled structure built according to the style of local architecture that houses a waiting room, two consultation rooms, a reception ward with one bed, toilets and showers, a storeroom and accommodation for doctors and nurses.
The building is equipped with running water and electricity produced by solar-cell panels and a generator.
The medical centre is suitable for general medical care and includes some diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

The permanent local nurses provide regular health care services, examine and treat patients, distribute medicines and provide first aid. The female nurse assists women giving birth, helps mothers in raising their children, provides home care to elderly women and also offers health education and care to women and children.

In summer months, western volunteer doctors and nurses add more expertise including specialist care.

European doctors and nurses who wish to volunteer for service at the Lorenzo Mazzoleni Dispensary (for a minimum of 10 days) are invited to contact:

  • Maria Assunta Lenotti, email address: marlen44@alice.it

The Fellowship covers maintenance costs of building, medical equipment and regular supply of medicines, the salaries of local staff and travel expenses of volunteers.