Baltistan Health and Education Foundation (Skardu)

From 1997 to 2000 the Friends of Lorenzo Fellowship – then known as the Lorenzo Mazzoleni Charitable Trust – worked together with a medical team from Skardu, the Baltistan Health and Education Foundation, to sustain the costs of renting a room for the medical activity in Askóle, medical equipment, medicines and the remuneration of doctors and nursing staff.

Central Asia Institute – C.A.I. (USA)

From 2001 to 2006 the Fellowship worked with the Central Asia Institute (C.A.I.), a US association that runs humanitarian projects in Asian countries. With the operational support of the C.A.I., the Fellowship completed the Lorenzo Mazzoleni Dispensary building. 

CESVI (Bergamo)

In 2005 with the assistance of CESVI of Bergamo, Italy, the Fellowship provided tents suitable for high altitudes to the families of the Kashmir mountains region that was hit by earthquake

“Gianni Ballerio” Social Promotion Association (Perugia)

In 2011 the Friends of Lorenzo Fellowship in cooperation with the “Gianni Ballerio” Social Promotion Association has started the project “Cheese for Health”, in order to introduce the domestic production of cheese in Upper Braldo Valley.

Since September 2018, the Amici di Lorenzo Association signed an agreement with the Dost Foundation (association based in Skardu, which promotes the improvement of living conditions in the surrounding area
Baltistan region, through projects for education, health and infrastructure), for management
premises of the Askole Dispensary and related projects and for the start-up of a Social Enterprise
that it can gradually raise funds for the future self-support of the clinic itself.