Health projects

Doctors and nurses are constantly involved in the setting up in the Upper Braldo Valley by these projects:

Patients database

The medical and nurse staff keeps the database of the patients visited in Lorenzo Mazzoleni Dispensary, especially about the pregnant women.

Monitoring and care for pregnant women

The Fellowship offers a Pregnancy Check to the pregnant women of Upper Braldo Valley, providing them a free medical check at the beginning of pregnancy ( including glucose test, urine test, electrocardiogram and ultra sounds examination ) and monitoring them during the pregnancy.

School Health Care 

The doctors and volunteers of the Fellowship carry out health education activities in the schools: courses on hygiene and first aid for the teachers, campaigns for sanitary hygiene for the pupils and for prevention of endemic diseases.


Community Health Committees of Upper Braldo Valley

It is a project with the objective of involving the local population in health care and preventive medicine initiatives. It contemplates the creation of groups of almost three people in each village ( of whom at least one must be a woman ), which will receive on-going training and which will act as the local representatives for health and public health issues. Besides Askóle, four out of the ten villages of the valley have adhered to the project so far. 

The project has set three stages of direct involvement of the local people: understanding factors of risk for personal health and village hygiene; identifying areas of social weakness; proposals to resolve individual and social problems. 

The Friends of Lorenzo Fellowship is responsible for the project and for keeping the district health government authorities of Skardu informed of the health and sanitation needs of the population.

Responsible for the project doctor Francesca Lanfranconi