Lorenzo Mazzoleni

Lorenzo was born in Lecco (northern Italy) in 1966. He began his mountaineering activities with the Youth Alpine Climbers group of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) of Lecco. He joined the Spiders when very young and by the age of 25 he had already become a member of the CAI Academy. In a short time he completed a series of difficult climbs in the Alps, setting many record times. His greatest dream was to climb the highest mountains in the world.

In 1986 he reached his first 8000 metres peak – Cho Oyu – with an expedition of the Spiders. In 1991 he attempted the unconquered West face of Makalu.

In 1992, after two failed attempts in 1989 and 1990, he reached the peak of Everest with an expedition of the Ev-K2-CNR project, led by Agostino Da Polenza. This climb marked an historical achievement, winning for Lorenzo the distinction of being one of the youngest climbers to reach the roof of the world.

In 1993 he successfully climbed the winter face of Aconcagua with Simone Moro.

In 1995 he reached the peak of McKinley Mountain.

1996 was the year in which he would finally achieve his dream of dreams – the peak of K2. This climb was a particularly special event organised to celebrate 50 years of the Spiders of Grignetta Club. The scientific-alpine expedition of the Spiders and the Ev-K2-CNR group successfully achieved the objective on 29th July 1996. Lorenzo reached the peak at 16.30 hours; then, the tragic descent.